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Leader, Mentor, Friend

First of all, Dan T. Jackson is simply a good man and an absolute class act.  While testing to earn my credentials as a Registered Parliamentarian, Dan’s support is what put me over the top.  He made himself available to me throughout the process, tested my competency, and encouraged me to keep going.  I made a mistake and had a test mailed to the wrong address but Dan did not worry, he stepped in and fixed the situation to ensure the test was redelivered without reapplying, repayment, and with little delay.  He’s always calm, unfaltering, and honest.  During the process I called him my friend, a title I hope we’ll maintain for many years to come.

Tony Gray
Registered Parliamentarian

December 2, 2015

Speaking Skills at a Whole New Level

July 11, 2016

Dan has taken my speaking skills to a whole new level that Toastmasters could not provide. I am more confident and able to craft a speech within a 15 minute time frame thanks to Dan's instructional knowledge. I would be willing to pay Dan anytime I need to come up with a keynote speech or a seminar for training. "He's a great trainer and I am more than satisfied with his services."

Donald Glynn Toastmaster Advanced Communicator Bronze, San Antonio, TX

Recommendation for Professional Parliamentarian

After being elected the temporary Chairman of the 25th Senatorial District Republican Convention, I realized I was going to need a parliamentarian to train me in running this convention. I interviewed three different men. Dan Jackson impressed me with his knowledge, professionalism, and his willingness to spend time with me to train me to do the job. His price was also fair. As I got into the training, I realized I had chosen the right man for the job.

Mr. Jackson paid attention to the details; he knew how to teach and he articulated well. He is disciplined and kept to the time frames we had set up. He understood an "old construction guy" like me and took me from the construction site to the podium of a convention in about three months. He understood what I needed to learn and kept me on tract. He did his homework and prepared me for just about every circumstance and challenge from the delegation that could arise. He also has a wonderful sense of humor. I really enjoyed working with him.

When it came time for the convention, he was there with me and ready to go. He was such a strength and surety. Mr. Jackson not only provided excellent training, he brought value to the convention and the people we served. I would highly recommend him and intend to work with him again should the situation arise.

Mark E. Dorazio
Chairman Senatorial District 25

March 25, 2016

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